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Worldwide people of all ages are being threatened with the loss of their jobs, businesses and the ability to pursue their education. This threat is shaking the foundation of freedom we've enjoyed up to this point and it will impact each one of us regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity, religion or age. 

Amazing Discoveries is an organization dedicated to exposing deceptions and affirming the truth. We believe the best weapon against the current attacks is education. Our goal is simply to empower everyday people with the truth. To educate them on their fundamental liberty of conscience. It’s our duty to stand up in defence of liberty of conscience, remembering that our predecessors fought for this liberty at such a high cost.


Who's Behind the Great Reset's Economic Restructuring Plan?

President Biden made it clear that the aim for the new normal is to get everybody vaccinated. What does this have to do with liberty and conscience?

Worldwide response to the 2019 pandemic has been swift and rigorous restrictions have put a limit on many freedoms we once enjoyed. Do these events have anything to do with Bible prophecy about end-time events?

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Amazing Discoveries

The legacy of the Reformation more than 500 years ago is the reason we have liberty of conscience today. Learn why the struggle between freedom and control continually emerges and where this conflict originated.

The History Of Religious Liberty

Is this Covid Pandemic Following a Blueprint and is it Going According to the Plan?


Truth Matters presents the facts of history, gathers current evidence, and reports the stories that mainstream news isn’t sharing.

Many people are asking, Who is the Antichrist? The Reformers all knew and agreed on the identification of the little horn of Daniel 7:8. Why is this not common knowledge anymore? What has the Antichrist done to mask his identity?

Has the Protestant Reformation lost its relevance? Why do Protestants not know or care about the issues Protestant Christian martyrs were willing to die for?

What impact do equity laws have on religious liberty? How are rights and freedoms being destroyed under a pretense of protecting rights and freedoms?

What will be the rule of law in the new world order? Will it be the Ten Commandments? Or Roman Catholic natural law? Who is behind the removal of God’s Ten Commandments in society?

Why were the Middle Ages also known as the Dark Ages? What was dark about that period of history? Could it be that light was being hidden?

Is there a hidden agenda behind the rapid push toward sustainable development? Could the events of the Middle Ages still be affecting us today?

This episode of Truth Matters continues its investigation into the United Nations and how it's connected to the world's educational and financial system.